Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don't actually know how John Fahey felt about religion

John Fahey - God, Time, and Causality (listen) Whenever confronted by the egregious use of religion to push a political agenda, which is happening with greater frequency lately, I turn to John Fahey's treatise on the God/No God problem. I don't actually know how John Fahey felt about religion; I just know the way he plays helps me deal with it and keep things from getting too twisted.

Jimmy Reed - Rockin' With Reed (listen) Whenever I talk to the old blues guys that still hang around and pass through Baton Rouge, Jimmy Reed is the guy they all wanted to be. Leon Atkins a.k.a Little Jimmy Reed (Little Jimmy Reed's page on Blues Art Studio's website; Warning: loud autoplay music), a killer guitar player from here once told me he got the name because by the time he was a teenager, he learned every one of Reed's songs and could play and sing them just like them. One night, the actual Jimmy Reed was set to play a show here in town and, come showtime, was so drunk he couldn't go on stage, so the concert promoter pulled Little Jimmy up to play in his place.

The Cramps - Flamejob - When I get around to writing my book about 20th century art, I'm going to title it "Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs"

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