Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have a book contract!

I've told almost everybody I know about this impending deal, and that constitutes most of the people that read this thing, but my book project just got approved by LSU Press, so I can finally announce it for real. The working title is

Louisiana Saturday Night
Looking for a Good Time in Louisiana's Juke Joints, Dance Halls, and Honky Tonks

It is going to be a history/guidebook/meditation on Louisiana's nightclub and live music culture, a cultural self-portrait painted in the hues of our leisure. Delivery about a year from now, hopefully in print shortly thereafter.

Here is the whiteboard mock-up of the proposed cover that undoubtedly sealed the deal.

iphone pictures 844

I will be taking applications for, er, research assistants willing to go with me to explore backwoods watering holes, and if you know of a place that needs to be included, holler.


  1. Sign me up. Photographic services provided upon request.

  2. Good for you Alex!
    -Sara at the OA.
    Carol Ann says, "that's awesome!"

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  4. So excited about this.

  5. Congrats on the contract. I know the book will be awesome. The author is one awesome dude.