Thursday, September 3, 2009

every time I open the mailbox

Arcade Fire - Funeral (listen) I'm still walking on sunshine from yesterday's news but am resisting listening to Katrina & the Waves, or going the Alison from Intervention route, so instead I'll wear my joy nervous and trepidations like it really is and pretend for a moment that I am the Alex the rag tag cheerleaders of Arcade Fire are rooting on.

Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys - Bayou Ruler (listen) So let's go. A good friend and reliable sounding board for all things Louisiana music recommended this album to me the other day. I've thoroughly liked Riley and his band every one of the zillion times I've seen them, but I never really go to their albums. Steve Riley kicks ass in his Cajun kaliedoscope. Set teh controls of that accordion on the heart of the sun. He needs to convince the rest of Lil Band O' Gold to release their version of ELO's "Hold on Tight" as a single; that damn thing is still in my head three weeks later. These two Cajun mutations - the good time rock of the former and the "Kashmir" textures of the latter - are totally flicking my switch.

Somebody told me of a zydeco/acid rock hybrid band they stumbled on in a bar somewhere south of Abbeville, which sounds like it might be the worst idea ever or the absolute best. If anyone reading this knows of this group or one fitting that description, please let me know.
Meanwhile dig this surprisingly psychedelic freakout by New Orleans party band the Topcats. More of this please.

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