Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a pitch black mirror

Jandek - On Our Way (more info) It's the usual wild catharsis thicket that one expects from Jandek's basement art, if you are the type to expect anything at all from it besides a headache. It's been a while. I forgot the version of "Message to the Clerk" presented here, thanks mostly to an unnamed semi-competent (in the traditional sense) guitarist, veers suspiciously close to being a legitimate blues song.

Junior Kimbrough - Most Things Haven't Worked Out (listen) Junior Kimbrough does the exact opposite: creates legitimate bluews songs that veer suspiciously close to wild catharsis ramble. Somewhere in the middle is a fencepost and on that fencepost is affixed a pitch black mirror where you can see nothing but your skull overrun with unfettered thoughts, skittering across the bones like busy ants.

Yep. That's why I like these guys.

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