Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a paucity of lingering impression

Dr. Dog - Fate (listen) Finally coming around to this record. Really, the issues I have/have had with it are all mine, not the record's. There is nary an unapproachable moment on the thing.

Henry Flynt & the Insurrections - I Don't Wanna (listen) Mr. Flynt was kind enough to drop me a line to correct some of the misconceptions I posted a couple years back about this perma-killer record. Corrections are always welcome, but man, I have been doing this blog for years?

The Avett Brothers - I & Love & You (listen) The Americana Jesus record of 2009, the one that delivers all the glory expected from all that devotion to the real songs of the simple man and his loves and hardships, and they open it with a slobbery love song to Brooklyn. Didn't Ryan Adams already do that in 2001? I don't know why I feel jerky toward the Avett Brothers; they are a fine, fine band and I really enjoy their music while I listen to it, and if I was going to indict them with a paucity of lingering impression, I'd have to call out most of the music I list up on here. I've had some rocky professional dealings with them, but I really don't hold that against anyone. Something about them kinda grates at me, which generally is a sign there is something of great merit there that I am too obstinate to embrace.

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