Friday, July 24, 2009

Vic Chesnutt's "Little"

Vic Chesnutt - Little (listen) I don't remember if I've listened to this one, the songs don't seem familiar to me, though it feels like I have, like when you dream something that is close to real but not. The other night I dreamed about my email window, or maybe the Facebook window, and there was something I could overlay on a group of entries and it made the sender appear - not materialized, more like a snowy hologram video conference that teenage cartoon superheroes might have with boss back at HQ. I woke up a little bummed that I dreamed about an inbox but then what do I do first thing out of the show but check that very inbox. Nothing whatsoever materialized from it.

I love how "Danny Carlisle" in the song below would rather "dream than fuck" and how Vic Chesnutt would rather drag the word out to "fuuuuuuuu...." instead of just saying it because in the dream-life you don't really say anything directly.

OK, now I know I haven't listened to this album because I'd never heard "Mr. Reilly", a song in which precisely expresses the dreamed reality of my fair city
Well there's a Mr. Reilly who swears
That in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
They don't care about his philosophy
He swears that any time in Baton Rouge
Everything is the same
I say dreamed because this is partially true, intentionally true, maybe even archetypally true that no one here cares about your philosophy and everything is the same, but of course this is not true. But it feels true, like a movie projected on a wall that moves your heart, even though the wall and the dust caught in the cone of light from the projector is far more real than anything that makes it to the screen. We are bound by that wall; the dust is made of us. The movie is just there to make things interesting.

In "Speed Racer" he declares himself an atheist and not a victim on this basis
I used to watch Speed Racer with that hyper attitude
That carried me to this flourescent enlightenment
which is pretty much how I got to mine, looking for those buttons on the steering wheel that lets me jump ahead a little or unfolds the saw blades that cut away the brush as I plow ahead or releases that little remote control bird from the hood so it may flies to do this things I cannot because I am running a goddamn race up a mountain pass right now , OK? I don't have time for the Acrobatic Racing Team bouncing all around me or a bullshit brother in a mask. I am however, unlike Speed Racer, forever thankful for that kid with the monkey that wants to stow away in the trunk and help me out on my adventures, even if the races are run largely through inboxes and Baton Rouge and walls and dust and projections and dreams.

Click here for a video explaining what all the buttons on the Mach 5 steering wheel do, in case I lost you up there.

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