Monday, July 13, 2009

grave dowsing

John Fahey & His Orchestra - Of Rivers and Religions (listen) John Fahey's guitar is one of the best things to listen in all of the listenable things in the world. Especially when he is playing it, but really, if I came across his guitar just sitting around by itself, I'd be more inclined to listen close for ghost resonances, an Aeolian harp to be played by the wind of Existence than I would be to pick it up and play it.

I just had a Facebook chat with one of my cousins about grave dowsing, where you she goes out and finds unmarked graves with a dowsing rod. Ever the grisly killjoy I asked, but how do you know if you are right? With water dowsing, you dig a well on the spot... and the answer was by the length and width of the area the rods remain crossed over. I feel exactly that way about this music.

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