Thursday, July 16, 2009

dream + dream music

I had a dream last night that I was sitting in some university room - tile floors, bad lighting, and elaborate windowsill treatments - with a number of other guys waiting for something to happen, like in a work way; we had to wait until something finished before we could start doing whatever it was we were there to do. In the meantime, one of the guys there started singing something that wasn't a blues song but registered as such in the dream. There was a computer in the room that has this corny hippie graphic of a folk-art mermaid, sitting in a field, and while he was singing, we noticed that when we touched parts of the picture, it would change, and we did so until the mermaid turned into an equally corny guitar. Everybody was laughing and carrying on and slowly we got around to doing what we were there to do; not in an abrupt "get back to work" way but gradually slid into it.

Robert Pete Williams - s/t (listen) The thing I like best about the blues is the same thing I like best about dreams: subtlety.

Jake Berry - Brambu Derzi, Book Four, Part Two (9th Street labs) Jake Berry is a poet/songwriter/backwoods-but-in-town visionary from Florence, AL that I used to roll with (via mail, but we did meet once, which is another story) in the cassette culture underground in the late 80s ; supposedly there is a tape of me singing songs while washing dishes on his label, but really, it's OK if it no longer exists. Bramzu Drezi was a body of work he was exploring back then, and thankfully it has made it through the ether into the curatorial arms of YouTube.

Brian Harnetty & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
- “Some Glad Day” I just found out about this, and wholeheartedly approve. One of my favorite albums ever is the similarly spectral Get the Fuck on Jolly, a live companion to Get on Jolly, a candlelit Ouija board session of a record between Bonnie "Prince" Billy and members of the Dirty Three, and this, featuring his highness and Ohio rustic alchemist Brian Harnetty (with whose work I will be becoming familiar) has the same fingerprints of the Godhead all over it. Children, bear witness!

Here is another - "Sleeping in the Driveway." They are both to be included on a forthcoming album Silent City on Atavastic. This concludes this press release rehash.

Sleeping in the Driveway from Brian Harnetty on Vimeo.

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