Thursday, July 9, 2009

music from that other delta

Various Artists - High Life Kings Vol 2 (listen) There are actually four volumes of this series up on lala of ebullient Afro-pop, probably all of equal merit, but I landed on this one because of the Nigerian powerhouse Professionals Seagulls Dance Band, a band and band name to be reckoned with.

Thanks to @Offbeat for leading me away from the classic rock and down the Nigerian music rabbit hole this morning.

All the Ijaw (Niger River Delta) music on this most illuminating page at Likembe is powerful stuff, especially the silky funk of former Professionals member King Robert Ebizimor and the extended chants and beats of Chief Bukka and His Bultural Group of Okrika. (listen at Likembe)

Another Nigerian music (and then some) blog With Comb and Razor has this great story about the Luna Nite Club, a club Fela played in Calabar, a city just east of the Delta in 1971. And here is some footage shot by Ginger Baker.

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