Monday, July 27, 2009

hardly contributed at all

Lunar Testing Lab - Seashore Blvd. (from OngakuBaka) Walked up and down the levee in the sun with this purring from my phone against frogs and crickets and he occassional motorcycle doppler ploughing down River Road. In fact this album hardly contributed at all to the greater sound, but somehow made it all grogeous.

Belle & Sebastian - The BBC Sessions (listen) My daughter and I bond over Belle & Sebastian, or maybe I just bond over them and she's a good sport and we worked on our equally amateur chess games to "Like Dylan at the Movies" which might be my favorite song if I could stop looking at it lovingly long enough to figure out what he's going on about.

White - White (myspace) Krautnoise via Chinarock under the watchful titrating eye of German QA industrialists to ensure there is nary afingerprint on this thing. sometimes its as sterile as a dissecting table, others warm as a sodium lamp. I'm really into this record. I love that it is a nearly unsearchable band name.

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