Friday, July 17, 2009

if the r stood for robots

Oregon - Music of Another Present Era (listen) Tabla fusion at its best, if you've got a mindset that can allow something as a "best tabla fusion record" to exist without hurting yourself. This selection is dedicated to the kid at the coffee shop with whom I was discussing last night's Dirty Projectors show. He offered up Gentle Giant as an example salient to his point, and I was trying to think of a better example but couldn't until I got back to the office. Oregon is that example.

My Morning Jacket - Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh - (listen) I don;t really get the sinister name and cover for this achingly lovable collection of early recordings. Maybe the sandworm was the monster they were to become. Regardless, I love their version of "Rocket Man," both in a holistic sense - "Rocket Man" seemed to be horizon endpoint on the journey this band once undertook - and in the specific.

His Name is Alive - Xmmer (listen) His Name is Alive is one of those project bands where no one album of theirs necessarily bears a stylistic semblance to another. Xmmer demonstrates a nascent post-Sergio Mendes, sleepwalking girl-pop R&B (if the r stood for robots and the b stood for blip) side of things.

The National - The Virgina EP (listen) This band's music is so fine. When I'm tempted to point out a band as an example of doing everything ineffectively, my counter-weight is the National, a band that does its one thing perfectly perfect.

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