Friday, July 24, 2009

no one here wants any harm to come to Lindsey Buckingham

Richard Buckner - Devotion + Doubt (listen) Sigh. What a great record.

The Cave Singers - s/t (Available 8/18) I listened to this last night while eating dinner and am now a bit smitten with it. I thought last night it sounded like what would transpire if Lindsey Buckingham had one of those rock-n-roll motorcycle wreck revelations and made an earnest folky but taut and sweet acoustic record, fitted with the right amount of filigree and embellishment. All in the mytho-theoretical: no one here wants any harm to come to Lindsey Buckingham. Here, take a listen.

Beach House (192k mp3)

Buckingham Nicks - s/t See, now I'm paranoid to look at the usual websites in fear of seeing that Lindsey Buckingham was just in some sort of accident. A delicate, intricate folky album isn't worth it; plus, he already did one in 1973 before his Fleetwood Mac days, and sigh, it's a great record too. An astute listener commented on one of these videos "Somebody should make a movie" and yes, I think they should. Drew Barrymore Busy Phillips and Billy Crudup. It will be the feel-uncomfortable hit of the summer! I mean, look at that cover - there is your lobby poster already.

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