Monday, July 13, 2009

"Gosh, how I love that new Bill Callahan record"

Bill Callahan - Tiny Desk Concert (via NPR) - Callahan's Sometimes I Wish I Was an Eagle is right now my favorite album of the year, leaving all contenders in its silky dust. This live recording of three songs might help demonstrate why. The third song "Too Many Birds" kills me every single time and then resurrects me so it can kill me again.

Tom T. Hall - In Search of a Song (listen) My initial impulse was to describe the Bill Callahan album as "Tom T. Hall re-imagining Astral Weeks after a nervous breakdown," but really, the album deserves better than that, as does old Tom. I love when that new lady preacher gets on the mic and sends us all to hell.

Tindersticks - Can Our Love... (listen) The Bill Callahan record is one for which I am left saying useless things like "Gosh, how I love that new Bill Callahan record, " something I have said similarly about this record by Tindersticks. Everything on here is lethal.

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