Monday, July 20, 2009

make do with the fleeting

The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent (listen) The unseasonably pleasantness in the air this past weekend and today feels all the world like fall around here, so why not evoke the mighty Fall to keep the ball rolling. One could dig in the crates and discover the old pleasures of Hex Enduction Hour as others are doing, an endeavor I highly recommend if you don't know that thorny endgame-but-not of a record; it was originally intended to be their final album but instead they kept going for decades years more. Maybe the real meaning of the band's name is not a Camus reference but that they are doomed to forever fall toward a rock bottom they never hit and have had to make do with the fleeting scenery as they plummet - but the point of the seasons is not their predictability as much as they progress, cycling through the same each time but always a little different, influenced and mutated by the previous ones. So in that light, and by the breeze of my open office window, I present the massively-ignored, most current (I think), and high quality record by the band which bears the scars and muscle of the past right under a bloodshot eye squinting ever at perpetuity.

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