Thursday, July 16, 2009

full-on Yoko

Lunar Testing Lab - Seashore Blvd. (from OngakuBaka) This pitter-patter-y album of surf via synth doesn't seem like much at first but in the past two days I have been able to completely clean my daughter's room, run library errands, get a haircut and acquire a coffee cream snowball, all while it was playing, and suffice to say, I don't generally get results like this from other albums.

Yoko Ono - ONOBOX - 5 of the 6-disc boxed set of Yoko Ono recordings, courtesy of the Anchorage Library via interlibrary-loan. This set is a bit frustrating since the original albums are diced up and picked from, and if one is going full-on Yoko, why stop short? More about this to come.

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