Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[The Record Crate] Doofus Rock Can be Refreshing

Finally I saw something this week that I am a bit flummoxed to explain that does not involve a celebrity death.

The Promise Breakers are a rock band with rock songs, sort of. Or they are a bizarre comedy act with skits, sort of. The audience seemed to either be into it at Chelsea’s the other night, or maybe they are in on the act. Whatever the actual situation was, I loved it, from the non-sequitur stage banter to the non-sequitur songs, rumbling from one unexplained in-joke to another before I had time to scratch my head. I think the illuminating detail about their set was that the most congealed number was a cover of the theme from Adult Swim’s “Sealab 2021.” In my notes I put them down as “doofus rock,” and I stand by that assessment, but I think they go about it is a really smart and refreshing way.

It is time for Art Melt again, where throngs flood the Shaw Center this Saturday and take a walk on the cultural side. I’ve been hard on Art Melt in past years, feeling chagrined that its attendees are more into the event than the arts it is to support, and still believe that to be true, but who cares. The art and music scenes could use a healthy dose of crosspollination from the rest of the city, and if it takes a big event to get the city out and into the mix, I am all for it. Be sure to check out the raucous rambunctious Drum Cart Parade from the Shaw Center to the Red Star on Laurel.

Also this week, the savvy classic rock reanimation of former Deadboy & the Elephantmen frontman Dax Riggs will be unleashed on the Spanish Moon stage. I seriously think Jack White should do a project with Riggs and form a Zeppelin-esque monster band. And in a rare, reflective Baton Rouge moment, Leah Simone is offering to potentially turn a conceptual lens on the downtown scene by DJ-ing “a soundtrack for a Red Star Monday night” at the Red Star on Monday night. I wonder how many times that one Joy Division song will show up in her set…

Thursday, July 9
Art Melt preview with the Iguanas at the Manship Theatre
Kick Tease, Struggle Bear at North Gate Tavern
Dirty Bourbon River Show at The Varsity
Fist Up, Thumbs down at Click’s

Friday, July 10
Drum Cart Parade from Art Melt to Red Star
Lymbyc System at Spanish Moon
Mike Foster Project at Chelsea’s
Dave Matthews Tribute Band at The Varsity
Do Not Destroy, Jerad Perck at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s
Blue Static and the Edge at Click’s
Law Signs at Phil Brady’s
Gary Bello at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Saturday, July 11
Dax Riggs at Spanish Moon
Skychief at Chelsea’s
Pyledriver and Peckernut at North Gate Tavern
Cory Lamb at Click’s
DownFall at Phil Brady’s
Randy Pavlock at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Sunday, July 12
Elvin Killerbee at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Monday, July 13
Leah Simone DJ at Red Star

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