Thursday, February 19, 2009

you will love this record when you listen to it

Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine (lala) It is frankly difficult to not love a band with that name and that album cover, and their upbeat erudite pop therein meets the promise of the package. I'm not even sure how I ended up on it; I started at Strawberry Alarm Clock and kept clicking on "Albums You Might Like." Smart as hell, stopping just short of overloaded production much like...
The Moore Brothers - Murdered by the Moore Brothers (lala) - who sound like Simon & Garfunkel if they were augmented to Simon & Garfunkel & Dark Wit. For example "Bury Me Under the Kissing Teens" here performed in a church in Frankfurt.
I said at the time: The Moore Brothers are the kind of band you throw on when you finally get some alone time with demure tie-dye girl that works at the radio station with you, and you desire to commingle in the afternoon stoner-clutter of her amazingly calm apartment. I'd say that opinion still stands. Blogging my every spin is largely a self-fulfilling enterprise, but in this sole case, you will love this record when you listen to it. Click on that lala link to listen to it; that is why that's there in case you were wondering. It will prepare you for when I start going on and on about their new album which is supposedly on its way to me. but one more line, this from "The Auditorium Birds": and just like a deaf girl, you will be giving me a sign... Cmon!
John Wesley Harding - Dynablob (lala) I haven't listened to John Wesley Harding in ages, not since I would hit yard sales listening to The Name Above the Title (lala), an album I remember loving like crazy but can't remember a note of. In fact the only song I can think of by him is his deft cover of my favorite solo Roky Erikson song "If You Have Ghosts"

for the Where the Pyramid Meets the Camel's Eye tribute album which also featured The Judybats, another band I loved and hardly recall now, tearing up "She Lives (in a Time of her Own)"

which also featured an alt-rock stab at fame by Baton Rouge locals Chris Thomas King and his dad, Rockin' Tabby Thomas on "Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)"

but anyway, this Dynablob record is great. You should listen to it too.


  1. You loved them too? I remember seeing them back in the day at the Varsity. Knoxville's Pixies. Is that a dude? You know who I'm talking about...

  2. I'm pretty sure I was at that Judybats show. They opened up for somebody kinda big who I can't remember, and they had that "Convalescing in Spain" song that was a minor hit, during which they broke into "Smells Like Teen Spirit" if I remember right.

    The timeline seems all wrong on that though, like I was still in college. "Convalescing" was in 1990