Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[outsideleft] Trading the Bellowed Anthems for the 60-Cycle Hum

My 2008 was rife with Big Sound and Big Message, with the Hold Steady’s unsubtly regaling the exploits of teenage wasteland coiling up nicely with the political desperation/optimism of my fellow lefties. Everybody was getting involved and telling you how involved they were. Even the marketing tool that is Facebook was transformed from gossipy snark engine to tables set up outside the student union, asking you to take a pamphlet. And really, it was about time; not giving a shit had really run its course this time around. Now in the golden era of maybe stopping this here war and waiting for my bank to collapse, I seek subtlety, not the roar of the lion, but the throb of the undercurrent. I’m trading the bellowed anthems for the 60-cycle hum, the shout of one man for the chatter of the universe.

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