Tuesday, February 10, 2009

deep in a dream

Chet Baker - Live in Rosenheim (lala) not the best of Chet's "last recordings," but I like the between song patter and tune-ups. If you have never seen Bruce Weber's biopic of Chet Baker Let's Get Lost, and have a taste for melancholy at its finest, to your NetFlix queue be off with you.

Paul Westerberg - Suicaine Gratifaction (lala) It is common practice in the indie rocker world to shit all over Paul Westerberg's post-Replacements material, a practice I don't really understand. The stuff is not the Replacements because, well, it's not the Replacements anymore. And sure, Let it Be gets exponentially more plays on my psychic nostalgia tapedeck than 14 Songs or Eventually do, but this very grown-up proclaimed failure of an album is one of his finest hours of songwriting. "Self-Defense", in calculus terms, is the limit as x approaches Barry Manilow's tear-jerkers while remaining solvent, and "Born for Me" practically paints the room blue. And I defy you to beat "Wonderful Lie" in a race for breaking your heart.

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  1. Westerberg is a genius. Period. Watch the deeply personal "Come Feel Me Tremble," and try not be be moved. I dare ya. All this to say, I agree with you. People need to get over their post-Replacements (and Replacements post Twin/Tone) issues.