Monday, February 23, 2009

actual incredible seriousness

Arvo Pärt - Stabat Mater (Naxos) Performed by the Studio De Musique Ancienne De Montreal. Listening to Arvo Pärt is not unlike seeking refuge from an avalanche in a hastily dug but effective snow cave which is moments later buried by a sudden rain of meteors, his music being the sigh of relief between the two events.
I also rather like this sepia video set to Pärt's Magnificat

itsnotyouitsme - Walled Gardens (lala) While more informal and less catastrophically heavy as the preceding master of the Estonian deep brood, new music outfit itsnotyouitsme has a touch of that same gravitas. I was talking with a coworker the other day about the word gravitas; it's a word that implies incredible seriousness but is usually invoked in the service of mockery. In this case, I mean actual incredible seriousness. The metamorphosis from sweetness to growling menace under a hypnotic roll gives this music a tense atmosphere, but one where you are too concerned watching the shadows of clouds slowly encroach your vantage point and then pass on by to be bothered by the relentlessness of gravity's pull. It is as much indie rock as it is chamber music as it is gorgeous.

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