Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Houma Mardi Gras Photos

Krewe of Terreanians is a formidable sized parade with nice floats and great throws (the house I grew up in is near the end of the parade route so the floats are either completely empty or getting rid of everything by the time they get to us) and also it is the only time I spend around the greater populace of where I grew up, an experience I generally find equally charming and harrowing - have all of us Houma men, regardless of age, always looked like post-career Vanilla Ice and I just didn't know it? I have never witnessed so much ambient hostility expressed in facial hair. But I love them because I am them.

That said, somehow I managed to only photograph what my crew and I ate.

Pre-parade chili dogs at Grandma's house

Maya and friend with Sprite and cotton candy

The one pic I did get from the parade: marching crew for the Houma Conquerors, Houma's indoor arena football team

Eastway Seafood after the parade

Two pounds of boiled crawfish.

Here is video of the parade from HoumaToday.com

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