Thursday, February 26, 2009

what you hear vs. what you came to hear

Fontanelle - F (lala) - I just listened to the this whole record while filling out the "15 Albums that changed your life" meme, and didn't hear a thing. Post-rock is kinda like that: I didn't really hear any of it but I liked what I didn't hear.
The Ventures - Surfing (lala) The Ventures, however, would be my answer to accusing instrumental rock of being strictly wallpaper. I lived for a year with a surf/rockabilly band, so perhaps my ears were tuned by force to this music's frequency, but the Ventures, corny and derivative as they may be, occupy the full width of my attention.
Link Wray - Link Wray (lala) This album of country-folk-rock shuffles from the Godhead's Embodiment of Teenage Delinquency Guitar caught me completely by surprise. It's not what I come to Link Wray for, but I dig it; if you got a thing for Tony Joe White and Bobby Charles, you will have at least passing fancy for this. I will file it as evidence in my quixotic case for VU's self-titled third album as an unheralded foundation document of country rock. Compare Wray's "Take Me Home Jesus" (1971) to VU's "Jesus" (1969).

Now, where was that goddamned windmill....

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