Friday, February 13, 2009

noise trying to be songs vs. songs

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room (lala) I bypassed this on release; I don't get all that enthused about Sonic Youth's actual releases anymore, much less archival material. There was a point around Sister I declared them to be the most important band around to an unbelieving friend. That friend replied, sure they are good and all, but wouldn't you just rather listen to songs instead of a bunch of noise trying to be songs. At the time my answer was resolutely: NO, I would rather listen to noise trying to be songs because that is what the world is, noise trying to be a song, and I feel that way some of the time now, but not really. Now instead of wanting to spend time in the destroyed room I'm more inclined to straighten it up a little, even if in the process I manage to knock those piles on the desk all over the floor again.
Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 - s/t (lala) One of the cooler groups I've gotten to write about for a paid article in some time. He is leading his father's legendary Afropop band, which he joined for the first time at age 8, at Lafayette's Festival International along with Dengue Fever and others in April. Seun Kuti's version is wound tighter than Fela's, where outrage became ambiance over those 15-minute funk workouts In a comparatively compressed 8-minute song, Seun manages similar results and perhaps bears a sharper bite. Dig the "Mosquito Song"

Gergory Isaacs - Hold Tight (lala) But back to my friend's point, there is a time to listen to noise becoming songs and noise coming out of songs, and then there is a time to listen to songs, and now is time for the latter.

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