Wednesday, February 25, 2009

thinking big thoughts about America

Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II (lala) This album is good, but it is looooong. I haven't even gotten to the 14-minute crunch ramble epic "No Hidden Path" yet and it feels like its been on for hours. And wow, "The Way," even with the goddamn maudlin children's choir, is a shimmering beauty I didn't see coming from around the bend. America is a lot like both of these situations.
John Fahey - Days Gone By (lala) My favorite John Fahey album is America (lala) but this is a close second, and when thinking about America, its not usually one's favorite nor is it ideal, but it's pretty good, considering.

"A Raga Called Pat (Part 2)" is one of the all-time under-appreciated masterpieces of electroacoustic art. Inspiration meets cliche meets the Buddha hiding under John Fahey's fingernails.

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