Thursday, February 19, 2009

on reduction

Muslimgauze - Jaal Ab Dullah (lala) The title of the first track "Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie" pretty much breaks down what this record is all about. Middle Eastern shtick reduced to naively scratched Arabesque records over a beat pulled out of the deep freeze.
Cabaret Voltaire - Red Mecca (lala) I've always liked Cabaret Voltaire the best out of these groups because they could do subversive without going full werewolf. Their tin beats over centrifuged funk still sound dangerous to me, like you have to wonder what kind of person makes music like this. The kind of person who has an all-white living room with no windows, or still wears black turtlenecks all the time. I remember going to see the reformed Buzzcocks at Tipitina's in the early 90s and there was this Euro-villian looking bald guy in round glasses, and as we bounced around, his companion pulled me aside and dispassionately advised "Please don't bump into my friend, it upsets him." I relayed that to my friends and we first decided we should pick him up and deposit him in the nearest trash can, but then looked over at his emotionless calm and thought, er maybe not. I don't want to change waking up in a latex suit in the gimp box.

Someone in my circle had a copy of CV's The Covenant, The Sword , and The Arm of the Lord (lala) that made it on every mix tape, especially the song "Warm"

a cheap display of fake sexuality befitting a gaggle of misfits circling the mall parking lot on someone's mom's Toyota. That same friend had Skinny Puppy's Mind: the Perpetural Intercourse (lala) and the ubiquitous C-90 compilation contribution from it was "Dig It"

With that beat that sounds like ice being chipped over choked yelps of BEHAVIOR! relating dig it to digit. "Dig it? also you dig a hole....or a grave" It meant so much back then.

But Red Mecca - so flat it sounds like it's coming from a plastic digital watch. The exegesis of Skinny Puppy sounds like someone tearing apart a well made bed to me now, Cabaret Voltaire is the sound of a smiling weirdo, imagining his surroundings being evaporated by alien rays. I'm not that guy, most of the time I'm not anyway, but I can dig it.

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