Thursday, February 5, 2009

late nite funk soul party featuring Little Beaver

Parliament - Gloryhallastupid (lala)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Last Days and Time (lala) - I understand the periodic table came about becase this album revealed the mysteries of All Things to those who heard it. Our innate need to categorize what we "discover" led to the pigeonholing of the separate elements as we know them now and thus, the periodic table. This compartmentalization of existence is, of course, a fallacy of the intellect, unable to grasp the Greater Mysteries which are comprised of only three Mystic elements: earth, wind & fire.
Little Beaver - Black Rhapsody Instrumental (lala) - When the "albums you might like" recommends you listen to something with "beaver" in the name, heed that recommendation.
Little Beaver - Party Down (lala) Evidently, the party doesn't start until Little Beaver starts singing! Adolescent beaver jokes aside, I am officially the newest fan of this Forrest City, AR born Wes Montgomery-meets-booty-jam master Willie Hale aka Little Beaver, a name he acquired, according to Wikipedia, as a child because of his prominent teeth.

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