Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blip is yet another thing. I'm shaking up my social networking situation mostly because FaceBook is turning into the kind of encroaching octopus that MySpace became.

Social networking of this stripe reminds me of the old days of underground cassette culture where you had a network of like-minded musicological misfits that all had one piece of the puzzle and you slowly disseminated the pieces among each other. Twenty years ago, I had to fly to California and stay a week with a lunatic to get to hear La Monte Young's The Well Tuned Piano, and now I can auto-broadcast it to everyone I know, 99% of whom will be decidedly uninterested in it. I'm not sure which is better, sending it to everyone with hopes that 1% will like it, or the old fashioned way when it was sent to one person who would treasure it. It's not unlike debating the merits of carpet-bombing vs. a sniper.

Semi-related, when I was a kid, my friend Robbie down the street, who got everything before the rest of our poor asses got anything, had Blip when it first came out, and our mutual friend Dale and I had to impatiently take turns in Robbie's treehouse playing him in proto-pong, so maybe I was born to network through electronic gadgetry.

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