Monday, January 24, 2011


One of Jerri's Hipstamatics from Mardi Gras World.

Chicago, At Carnagie Hall
Various Artists, Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 64 – The Sound Of Fear Vol. 1

Botswana Heavy Metal Generation (at Kontinent, via The Rumpus)

This Chicago album is thirty-seven hours long and is by goddamn Chicago, and yet it is fitting into my day/aesthetic needs quite nicely, opening up some sort of band-nerd wormhole. Probably has to do with weird time signatures being mapped over our four-on-the-floor world over an extended period. Warps not only the fabric of the parameters of taste but also time itself. No wonder they have to ask people what time it is! Whether anyone really cares! About time!

Do check out that photo essay from Botswana's metal scene linked above. Who understands a troubled people better than does the devil?

Much like how my Elvis is Old Fat Elvis, my Moses is the Old Crazy Horned Moses. Also from Mardi Gras World.

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