Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the recursive properties of oneness

Yoda statue at Mardi Gras World. I started editing my photos a little; I hope you're happy. It turned a crappy photo into a Thomas Hart Benton painting lacerating the myth of Star Wars.

Monoton, Monotonprodukt 07 20y++

I love when someone else puts their favorite thing on the Internet because for just that moment, it will becoem your favorite thing, or perhaps just that perfect thing like Monoton is that Scott posted at incidentals and accidentals, a sidecar to his zippy Vespa of a blog, Pretty Goes With Pretty. I've never heard of them before, might not remember them tomorrow, but today Monoton completes me. I believe this is precisely how The Force works. I'm gonna heed his suggestion of listening to Radio Dept. first thing tomorrow, but for now I'm gonna bliss out on the recursive properties of oneness.

Monoton, "√1 = 1"

Scott wrote a great little book on Slint and made me care about a band I never really cared for. Spiderland came on after the Ramones while Maya and I were playing cards last night and we both looked at the sound coming out of speakers like bemused animals.

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