Monday, January 17, 2011

Gordon Gano & Lost Bayou Ramblers at Blue Moon, Lafayette, LA 1/15/2011

Gordon Gano (of Violent Femmes) & Lost Bayou Ramblers, "Blister in the Sun" at Blue Moon, Lafayette, LA 1/15/2011

Commentary about this show is forthcoming Wednesday in my 225 column, but yeah, it was a great show only rivaled by the greatness how it came about and how I ended up there. Thanks to Clarke for hipping me to the show, a whole different Alex for driving, and Rainier for being the catalyst you are. Let it also be stated that Gordon Gano is a really nice guy and no slouch at the fiddle.

"Add It Up" from the back of the bar.

One for "Gone Daddy Gone" is  "processing" but I got antsy. You can probably click here and see it by now.

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