Friday, January 21, 2011

Bout that time

Brother Jed has been out there casting the fornicators of our fine university into the fiery mouth of hell for countless springs now, though I wonder what has become of his cohort Sister Cindy? Did she succumb to her oft-mentioned former sinning ways? I always kinda liked her; she was scrappy. Who will condemn our soroity sisters now? It occurred to me when I took this photo that Edward Scissorhands has likely been out for the entire life of the detractor on the left; his sign says "I'm Not With Him --->".  I like how resolute his shadow appears. On the other side, obscurred by Jed, was a girl offering "Free Hugs from an Athiest."

The Nightingales, In the Good Old Country Way
The Mekons, Devil's Rats & Piggies: A Special Message from Godzilla
Quietus Mix 008: Chris & Cosey (streaming)
Sonic Youth, Sonic Youth Mixtape Vol. 8 (streaming)

Man, the Nightingales liked a long-ass song. The Fall was always good for that too. If I had to go pee during my set at the radio station, almost any mid-80s Fall song would be a realiably-beated respite for 5-6 minutes. This Sonic Youth mixtape is what the dr. ordered. I'm taking back the other Sam Shepard book I checked out and getting a Joe Brainard one instead. Yep. Bout that time.

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