Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is weird already.

Sir Douglas Quintet, "She's About a Mover." There was a random something I thought I needed to revisit while on the plane back from England that I've been trying to remember ever since and just now I remembered - Sir Douglas Quintet - thanks to the late Zappa-ite Jimmy Carl Black and Steve Earle both doing this song on today's hectically selected playlist.

Malcolm Lowry, Lunar Caustic
Jimmy Carl Black, I'm Not Living Very Extravagantly, I'll Tell You For Sure...
Peter Case, WIG!

The Soft Pack, The Soft Pack
Steve Earle & the Dukes, Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator

"Jimmy Carl Black's Trip Through the Nine Layers of Hell." I want to say that somehow I ended up seeing Jimmy Carl Black perform, sitting with some other band and a hip somebody hipped me to who he was, or maybe I was at a show where said hipster hipped me to his departing in 2008. Or maybe he was supposed to play or something.

I had a dream last night that we were in a weird downward-slide mall and we were being stalked by this loner type that ran an aquarium store in the mall and eventually I had to beat him up, like in a Sopranos way. There was also a bear in this basement room of the mall that had the same funky red carpet as our kitchen had when I was five or six. Dream or no: who puts carpet in a kitchen? Today is weird already.


  1. Whelp, I guess I'm commenting on everything here now. But I must say your description of being a "weird downward-slide mall" in your dream is hauntingly familiar. Almost all of my dreams feature such a setting. I once read that the "house" in your dream represents your overall psychiatric health, and I really hope that isn't true, because it's almost always downward-slide malls and such for me.

  2. There was a weird mall we frequented in Kansas (I think) that had an aquarium store likely provided the setting of said dream, at least until the basement protion. I don't remember there being a creepy guy working at the aquarium store in real life, but it's a safe bet there was one.

    Also I rarely remember dreams, so why this one?

  3. Maybe you remembered this one because some irrational part of you was considering putting carpet in your kitchen and your more conscious mind (the bear) urgently needed to remind itself how crazy it'd be. Or, maybe you had a fever.

  4. Well, if a house is psychic health and bear probably means "mama", I don't think I want to know what carpet in the kitchen means.