Friday, March 20, 2009

teeth of the hydra upon me

T. Rex - Electric Warrior (listen) Of course, I've heard the strings on this record before, but I've never heard them so distinctly. Perhaps this is a remastered version. Whatever, though, I love the way the skeletal beat and disembodied voice floats against the deep lush background on "Cosmic Dancer" with only a noodly guitar line strung like the tightrope between worlds, beckoning us to cross it.

Roy Wood & Wizzard - Wizzard's Brew (listen) Stephen Thomas Erlewine, in his AMG review says "the record plays like sonic terrorism -- a bizarre blend of boogie riffs and old-time rock & roll, spiked with traces of British psychedelia and music hall, all filtered through sheer white noise" which is pretty on the money. It sounds like the whole album is double tracked, or perhaps playing a racquetball court, to great effect, mind you. I bears mentioning that Roy Wood was one of the original architects of ELO before bouncing out after the first album over a rift with Lynne. "Meet Me at the Jailhouse" is a thing to behold, it's like the history of The Stooges enthusiastically misinterpreted by Sha Na Na, getting them confused with the Byrds at one point, during a violent thunderstorm.

Kim Fowley - Good Clean Fun (listen) The delirious mess of a record makes Wizzard seem contained. This concatenation of doo-wop fragments, dense orchestration and dissociative narration might be the legendary producer's answer to Frank Zappa's and Captain Beefheart's similar but more successful ventures in culture pastiche happening in the late 60's. Or this might be the inside of Fowley's fevered brain captured on tape.

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