Tuesday, March 10, 2009

improv daisy chain

Biggi Vinkeloe /Mark Weaver/Damon Smith - Desert Sweets (lala) Like hearing all the mumbling in the building at once suddenly stop and start up again. Each track on this record is cool, but the whole album is a bit much to take in one sitting. Which is strange for me, since I am decidedly more of an album guy than a singles guy. Maybe a single is the proper medium for improv in that it imposes a be here now kind of bracket. Racket needs a bracket, I guess.
Jacob Lindsay/Ava Mendosa/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter - Jus (lala) See above, but replace "mumbling" with "pipes and wires." This record is quieter than the previous one, but the textures tend to be a little more jagged, not like mountain peaks, but like running your hand across the rug and getting poked with a toothpick, and then thinking how glad you were that you encountered it that way as opposed to stepping straight down on it, then wondering what a goddamn toothpick is doing in the rug and then concerned about what else is in there and getting a little anxious and frantic over it for a second and then realizing, no, it was just a toothpick, don't spaz, everything is cool. And then you find a staple. And a wet spot. And tiny screw from something. It's a really good record.
Weasel Walter Quartet and Double Trio - Firestorm (lala) After retuning to the slight frequencies of the previous album, my brain was knocked off its rails with the fiery free-jazz dustup of this record. Listening to this whole record will burn 650 calories. I predict a Flying Luttenbachers/XBXRX obsession coming on.

Thanks Love, Gloom, Cash, Love!

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