Sunday, March 15, 2009

oneness, unlimited, in three-demensions

King Sunny Ade - Synchro System (lala) King Sunny Ade is excellent warmup music for anything.
Olivier Messiaen - Chronochromie for Large Orchestra - I'm coming around to the idea that Olivier Messiaen can achieve the most pleasing sound out of the most complex of situations, making a massive orchestra twitter and caw like the birds he loved - warning of approaching cats, attracting mates, making the cries of a creature that takes to the air, and living in three dimensional space at a trajectory velocity the rest of us fail to understand.
Jack DeJohnette - Oneness
- I used to harbor the feeling that most "ECM jazz" was too on-the-fence between modern composition and jazz, often muddying the beauty of one with the clichés of the other but I am starting to get past all that. The most interesting music I've heard of late is as much indie rock as it is chamber music as it is diffuse jazz because first and foremost, it is music and worrying about all that is a lot like looking up an unfamiliar word and getting stuck on the etymology.
Praxis - Sacrifist (lala) Bill Laswell's dub funk hobgoblin rabies death metal fever dream is a thesis on the subject of inclusion. Maybe not always the subject's defender, but a powerful thesis nonetheless. This is what would happen if Primus got really, really mad at you.
Mice Parade - Ben Vinda Votande - And this is what it is like when the sweeter half of the continuum consoles you after the fight.

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