Friday, March 27, 2009

suddenly everything has changed

I never really explored blogging via email but here goes.

Mostly I'm doing this to see how easy or difficult it is to peck out
my genius on this little picture of a keyboard than on the little
bubble buttons on my beloved yet suddenly obselete Palm device.

Wayne Coyne is crooning "suddenly, everything has changed" in my ear
and I supppose it has a little, even if it is in the self serving
sector of this blog.

I can't figure out to select a block of text for deletion, something I
do a lot despite the loquacious nature of the dispatches. I suspect
there are no easy means for italics in the future as it sits I'm my
hand. It does catch the lion's share of my typos so that's a plus.

Perhaps the ornate syntaxes of the past are growing quaint and will
only be tolerated while they are amusing. I do understand the Masters
are going to give us our cut, copy, and paste (how did they forget
that?) so maybe italics are not so far behind.

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