Monday, March 30, 2009

beyond thunderdome

The Veils - Sun Gongs (listen at myspace) This is my favorite new album this year, maybe because it sounds like Echo & The Bunnymen in their hungrier Crocodiles era, and that was my favorite album of back then, or maybe because it has that Australian thing in it that gives their pop exports a rugged charm, or maybe, just maybe, because it is a great album that benefits from but does not rely on its influencees for its greatness.
La Monte Young - The Forever Bad Blues Band Just Stompin' (more info) THis record made me stop and consider that La Monte Young and all his theories about cosmic chords and the unversal drone and whatnot might be the horseshit I had spent time convincing others taht his work was not. But it grew on me. It only has cheesy instrumentation and endlessness in common with most blues records, what it has on top of that though is the recursive, regeneratibve engine of his music which fills the room and inflates it like a balloon. I find I like the second CD better, jumping in when the band had been slogging it out for an hour already, rather than riding along for the buildup.
RIP Maurice Jarre, film composer extraordinaire. Here is the Fanfare for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

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