Saturday, March 21, 2009

cut the conversation and just open your mouth

The Cure - Disintegration (listen) By checking out Staring at the Sea from the library, my wife has set a marked Cure fandom Renaissance in motion at our household. My daughter is milling about humming "Boy's Don't Cry" thinking it would be hilarious if they played a concert and after playing "Boys Don't Cry" at the end, they all started crying. I'm too into the train drum fill on "Jumping Someone Else's Train" for my own good. It's the easiest trick in the book, but then the Cure was always adept at rendering the obvious flawlessly. Disintegration was their grunge participation album, "Fascination Street" and its big radio dynamics segued in perfectly with the big sound, flanneled bum-outs for the PacNW. There was no honor in still liking the Cure in 1989, but every time I hear "Fascination Street" I think it is a great, great songless song, and when I see Chris Cornell of Soundgarden desperately trying to reinvent himself as an American Idol alumnus or whatever he is doing, I have to give it to the Cure for staying the course.

"Fascination Street" on YouTube. Why do people disable embedding?

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