Sunday, March 29, 2009

40 is the new Übermensch

I am having the best birthday of my life.

-Enjoyed the gift of consumer electronics, on which I
-Listened to Japanese space rock while waking the dog who accompanied me on a
-Trip to the record store where I got some
-German space rock. Later I had
-The best salad ever at Whole foods while watching
-Maya and her friend clown around with plastic vampire teeth. after lunch I

-Cleaned up the yard listening to more space rock on Pandora (all my Pandora staions turn into space rock by the tenth song) after which I
-drank a couple of Abita Strawberry Ales with my wonderful wife and a neighbor before heading out to hear
-Messiaen's Quartet for the end of Time played lovingly before
-a friend's film premiere. Then rallied some other vintage art patrons to go to
-a big warehouse art party and talked nine kinds of big warehouse art party shit with a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while. Then went over to a friend's house and
-Turned some people on to Bobby Charles and Ramsay Midwood, and at midnight
-Whiskey-toasted my fourtieth year with a country musician!

-Slept in and took Maya and friend to
-The coffee shop and talked more shit with people I see all the time and am fixing to
-get my lunch on at The Chimes.

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  1. Sounds like a great day. I was going to offer to cook y'all dinner last night, but got swallowed up by a big ole deadline. Maybe this week? Happy Birthday Hoss.