Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The i will be my downfall

Raj Bhog Arati at New Talavan

Yesterday (all old):
Gérard Dôle, Hey Madeline! and Dans les Bayous de la Louisiane (12 New Songs in the Cajun Creole Style)

Today: (all new, via NPR Music except Mike Watt from Spinner, and the last two from... oh, right. You don't care.)
Kurt Vile, Smoke Ring Around My Halo
Mike Watt, Hyphenated Man

Wye Oak, Civilian
The Mountain Goats, All Eternals Deck
Drive By Truckers, Go-Go Boots

Thee Oh Sees, Help

Media announcements: In this month's Country Roads: my visit to New Talavan, a Hare Krishna community nestled in the hills of southern Mississippi and a 24-hour musical happening at a church in New Orleans.

You would think I'd be able to type the word "Louisiana" right after about 100 or so times in one manuscript, but nope. I always miss that first i. The i will be my downfall. More like "lose"-iana, amirite?

Oh, I read that excerpt of the posthumous David Foster Wallace book in the New Yorker. It's good but doesn't know when to quit which is why I think DFW is, to me, an unreadable genius. His prose feels like how depression feels, which non-depressed people portray as sad. It isn't; in fact it is as happy as it is sad, it just never is between. It is cripplingly analytical. It's like trapping a giant killer octopus on a merry-go-round and then spinning it hard, thinking that it will turn to butter like the tiger chased around the tree but instead it just gets larger and grows more tentacles and breaks the merry-go-round and now you have a busted merry-go-round to deal with, and when you try to explain why you put the octopus on the merry-go-round to the park authorities and use that tiger-butter analogy because it is perfect! so perfect for this! and they've never heard of it and you send them a link and they don't read it because they don't care why you did it, and for a moment you are relieved because what if the park authority person is black and takes offense at the Little Black Sambo reference, and are all, whew! close shave there, me! and they only asked because they are just required to ask, or maybe never did ask and you felt compelled to explain everything and they write you up a ticket anyway and they don't care about that either and you are like AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! and then the octopus grabs you.

Plus, is the whole book about this kid trying to kiss every inch of his body? Issues....

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