Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So far my birthday has manifested as a mile of Facebook well-wishes, a Lil' Rascals-meets-Dr. Who card slipped into my library book, Tom T. Hall, coffee and bacon cheese toast. Not bad, 42!

Tom T. Hall, The Essential Tom T. Hall: Story Songs
Will & the Bushmen, Gawk
Jay Farrar, Terroir Blues

Pere Ubu, Dub Housing
Samuel Beckett, Molloy
One day I counted them. Three hundred and fifteen farts in nineteen hours, or an average of over sixteen farts an hour. After all it's not excessive. Four farts every fifteen minutes. it's nothing. Not even one fart every four minutes. It's unbelievable. Damn it, I hardly fart at all, I should never have mentioned it. Extraordinary how mathematics help you know yourself.
- from Molloy

I haven't thought of Will Kimbrough for two decades or so before seeing him at Chelsea's last Friday, but it was so nice of him to write this song about me! For my birthday! I won't drown in emotion and die, I promise!

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