Thursday, March 17, 2011

bar-napkin book ideas

I'm still knocked out by the sunset yesterday.

Steely Dan, Countdown to Ecstacy and Katy Lied
Paul McCartney, Band on the Run
Matt Berry, Witchhazel
John Szwed, Alan Lomax: the Man Who Recorded the World

Last night I was overcome with a need for the Dan and my bus being late allowed me a full hour of smooth-edged cocaine molestation cynicism. I suppose some similar need is pushing Band on the Run on me this morning. I managed to cut it off before it added Supertramp or Alan Parsons Project to the listening queue of the damned. I used to infamously hate Steely Dan to my core, and used that experience as a means to exmaine things for what they are and change the nature of my criticality. It is one of those many bar-napkin book ideas I've had, even made a little start at when Carl Wilson wrote his book about Celine Dion and trumped it. I haven't read the Wilson book so I need to see if we are beating the same dead horse, but it gave me an appreciation for teh previously unappreciable. Now I love-hate them.

Actually I blame Garth Marenghi aka Matt Berry and his almost-a-joke album Witchhazel, more of a flattened joke reinflated by wonder. It's the undisputed album of the week if there needs to be one. I blame Alan Lomax for making me think I had something to say about music and its implications.

Somehow I've gone my whole life not knowing this terrible song ws a Paul McCartney song.

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