Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 bright things

  1. Untitled by David Hammons, from this NYT article. I was a fan of Hammons already but this is some next-level business. It's like a mid-shake Polaroid of the soul.
  2. I turned in the first major chunk of my book today and am ready to mow down the remaining pieces. 
  3. I started reading Mark Richard's House of Prayer No. 2 on the bus and though I was already a fan, this one is up above my zone, I think. The kind of unique voice you will have trouble not emulating.
  4. The new Oxford American is available for those with digital subscriptions, the first general interest issue in quite some time. I don't have anything in it; I'm just saying it looks sharp as hell on the first fly through.
  5. My head feels a little like the following video of this bright thing Maya caught at a parade over the weekend. 

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