Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ability to keep oneself amused


Dickie Landry, Fifteen Saxophones (re-issue forthcoming)
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, John Adams: Doctor Atomic Symphony/Guide to Strange Places
John Cale, Black Acetate
Various Artists, Keroac: Kicks, Joy, Darkness
This exerpt in Lapham's Quartery from Philip Connors memoir about working on a fire watch tower that refernces Kerouac's chronicling of that profession in The Dharma Bums, JK's real masterpiece. 
Matthew Dear, Black City
John Szwed, Alan Lomax: the Man Who Recorded the World 
Based on their reminiscences, I’m pretty sure the qualifications to be a lookout remain the same as they ever were:
  • Not blind, deaf, or mute—must be able to see fires, hear the radio, respond when called
  • Capability for extreme patience while waiting for smokes
  • One good arm to cut wood
  • Two good legs for hiking to a remote post
  • Ability to keep oneself amused
  • Tolerance for living in proximity to rodents
  • A touch of pyromania, though only of the nonparticipatory variety
- from Philip Connor's Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout


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