Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the slope of the Pleistocene terrace

I got a lamp for my office.

Champion Jack Dupree, Blues from the Gutter
janus, i am not
Jesse Fuller, Brother Lowdown
John Cale, Fear
Henry Flynt, Dharma Warriors
Atlas Sound, Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Media Announcement: My review of Scott Tennent's Spiderland, the latest in 33 1/3's series of perfectly concise books about beloved and/or underappreciated albums, is up on outsideleft.com.

Here's a better look at the goth vixen trio Maya drew on my white board.

Jerri and I went to a lecture at the Old Governor's Mansion (top) on the topic of the 6,000-year old LSU Indian Mounds (bottom) over lunch. Scientists did their awesome tedious best demonstrating the scientific nature of gathering facts with complicated devices and laid into my brain forever that the hill that goes from the mounds down to the football stadium is the slope of the Pleistocene terrace and the attendees sought the narrative from these things. What about the place where they found a consistently used fire pit? Did they signal other mounds from this one? I kept hoping someon would mention UFO's or at least the obvious context of these ancient mounds as a pair of breasts. Jerri noted in the car that the ancient fire pit they found on one of the mounds would be where the heart is! Lectures, huh? It was more illuminating than any old discarded lamp and a more sustaining than any club sandwich.

John Cale, "Barracuda". THE OCEAN'LL HAVE US ALL!

Henry Flynt and the Flynts. I like the guy that keeps turning back to the camera.

Atlas Sound, "Autumn Intro Cascading Into University Courtyard"

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