Wednesday, November 24, 2010

remember the back half

Maya and I saw inconspicuous written in chalk under a stairwell near the LSU Sculpture Garden. There's hope for these kids yet.

Zadie Smith, White Teeth
The Drones, Havilah

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tender Prey
Atlas Sound, Bedroom Databan Vol. 3 and Logos
Glissandro 70, Glissandro 70

If Atlas Sound has Bedroom Databanks, I have time. Also I don't remember the back half of Tender Prey being so sweet. Not much else to offer but the songs.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Slowly Goes the Night"

The Drones, "Penumbra"

Glissandro 70, "Bolan Muppets"

Atlas Sound, "Sheila." I've listened to this song 6x this morning. My darling sister-in-law Sheila is organizing and covering almost all of our Christmas of Englanding so she's been in our minds a lot this week but she is awesome in her own right and so is this song and happy thanksgiving, mf-er's one and all.

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