Friday, November 12, 2010

the spontaneous appearance of hearts


The Beatles, Rubber Soul and Help!

My daughter has entered the Beatles phase of her development so am re-entering one myself with a cache from the library. We got Help!, Rubber Soul, A Hard Day's Night (and the movies for both), Sgt. Peppers and Please Please Me to start with. Drummer she is, she has declared Ringo her favorite.

I don't push things onto her, plus what kid would share my musical taste? I can barely stand the music I like. She does however pick up on things I'm listening to and runs with them. She made an impromptu list of her favorite groups: Owl City, The Beatles, Joanna Newsom and "the guy that does 'Hydra Fancies'*" so I think she's in pretty good shape on her own

I'm certain I am not the first to publicly wonder if the boys are forming a swastika in this insert from Rubber Soul. I like the spontaneous appearance of hearts.

I'd kinda forgotten how much I like "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away."

* Of Montreal, from the 2010 Believer Music Issue CD with which she absconded and plays on repeat.

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