Monday, November 29, 2010

spiders on the keys; whiporwills as pets

Mr. James Booker:

YouTube caption: James Carroll Booker the 3rd ,Hard drinking New Orleans Piano player, who died 10 days after this performance.

Nicholas Payton, Bitches (free download, hat tip to OffBeat)
Earl King, A Part of Me
James Booker, Spiders on the Keys: Recorded Live at the Maple Leaf
William Gay, "The Man Who Knew Dylan" from I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down

Mr. William Gay:
Crosswaithe drove the company pickup into the far southern part of the county. A waste of a country ravaged and scarred by open-pit mines and virtually abandoned, leftover remnants of landscape, the tailings of a world no one would have. At a beer joint called Big Mama's he stopped and asked directions and set out again. He drove on and on over rutted switchback roads. Jesus Christ, he said. He was driving into a world where the owls roosted with chickens, where folks kept whiporwills as pets and didn't get the Saturday Night Opry till Monday morning.

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