Monday, November 15, 2010

lookup the LOOKUP

Not me.

Eddy Current Suspension Ring, Rush to Relax

I do love the urgency of post-punk-pop; ECSR's bass is squeaky bedsprings, their guitar car alarms in the underpass, the drums are the breaking of all the dishes.

I am similarly urgent; I ate a cold barbecued pork chop with my fingers on a lunch break from teaching Excel to engineers. Considered typing this with sauced fingers just for my own amusement but my keyboard is gross enough. I see a morsel of cornbread working its way between the X and the Z, which is probably a metaphor.

I think I want to read American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell next; I read a poem of hers in the Southern Review that I liked, though I can't recall what it was about, and I remember I met her at a party for the Louisiana Book Festival two years ago, back when we still had one, and told her she was the one everyone was talking about, because she was. Her book had an awesome display in the lobby.

What I really want is a number of 36-hour days and some checks to come rolling in and this morning on the way in, I saw the Wheel of Fortune tryout-mobile lumbering around campus, so maybe after class I'll go buy a vowel and spin my way to fame and fortune. But now I gotta go lookup the LOOKUP across two non-contiguous vectors cuz that's what I do, yo.

Not me either.

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