Friday, November 5, 2010

I can only say "Yes!"

Steve Reich, Double Sextet/2x5
Yes, Tormato 
Liberty Ellman, Ophiuchus Butterfly

Happy birthday to my lovely, smart, and talented wife, Jerri. I could not have a better partner in life.

The second movement of 2x5 is Steve Reich's greatest pop concession, sounding like a skeleton track for a Supertramp or Sufjan Stevens workout, retaining some of his infinite texture business while conceding to the cozy-up immediacy of pop. The third has a bit of Yes to it, but Bang on  Can might be bringing that to the table. Whichever, the common recursive awarenesses going on here only serve the accessibility of the whole. Reich is still no Terry Riley in the marriage-of-high-n-low arena, but he's on his way.

Steve Reich, 2x5, II. Slow; III. Fast

Last night, I got called out via email over something I wrote in 225:
I need to know what you are smoking. If you think _______ is anything but a chaotic mess of musical errors and sour notes you are high, or have no clue.

to which I can only say "Yes!" Not to my being high (am not) or to not having a clue (debatable) but that somebody read something and followed up and decided I was full of shit enough to venture an opinion! About art in lil' old Baton Rouge! It only took five years. My plan is coming to fruition.

Yes, "Future Times/Rejoice"

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